ElfBot should work with latest Tibia version

7.72 supported servers:

ElfBot is highly extendable so we cant list all options below, check forums to read more

Classicus, Realistic-War, Demonia.org, Oldera.net


0% CPU usage and few MB of ram used! ElfBot works on every Windows. All features work without loosing speed, you can run several MC


You can lure monsters, keep distance, select attack stance for dedicated targets. You can create 100% AFK configs with depositers, auto supply purchase


ElfBot is working on protected custom servers with their own clients. We always try to create ElfBot for most populated servers eg. Classicus, Tibianus


You can join together custom actions and cavebot, targeting aimbot etc. You can do everyhing with lightspeed. Scripts are very simple so everyone can try


Join us, dont loose the time, just become the best

what users say ?

Works like a charm
You based on ElfBot 8.6 source?
Excelent! Awesome! GREAT WORK! mwall timer excelent. and Combo EXCELENT!!"